McDonald’s FAIL

McDonald’s wasn’t lovin’ it when their Twitter campaign to get stories from customers about their dining experiences at the golden arches horribly failed. Fail Kitty was not pleased to see that the #Mcdstories campaign lasted a mere two hours before they had to pull the plug. Fail Kitty doesn’t even nap for less than two hours, so she almost missed the entire fiasco.


Rather than getting fun family stories about great food and awesome toys from Happy Meals, they got a lot bad stuff. Really bad stuff about fingernails in food, cracks about their burgers having no meat in them and the usual laundry list of McD’s makes you fat, gives you gas, causes all sorts of problems – you get the picture. The entire thing devolved into what called a “hashtag horror show”.

McDonald’s claimed it wasn’t that bad. According to their numbers, they claim #Mcdstories only accounted for about 2% of their mentions that day. That sounds good, but 2% is a lot when it is the wrong kind of 2%. No one is talking about their other campaign that ran simultaneously, #meetthefarmers. No one cares. Stuff about bits of garbage and body parts in your burger makes an impression and people talk about it , share it and keep it alive long after the campaign is pulled.

McDonald’s implemented their emergency contingency plan for such events , which is shut it down and pretend it never happened, but this time it didn’t work. It’s not so huge a fail as the McAfrica sandwich for instance, and it’s certainly not as big a PR disaster as the McLean proved to be, but it is a big enough misstep for Zoe to look upon McDonald’s and issue the verdict FAIL!!!


One Comment on “McDonald’s FAIL”

  1. mandyf says:

    At least Fail Kitty got a snack out of it all – which is more than can be said for McD’s!

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