Welcome to Fail Kitty


We at Brilliance On Demand decided there are just too many SEO and SMM blogs out there – most of them telling you how to do things and most of them telling you wrong. The few blogs that get it right are so right that there’s really no point in doing anything else but pointing you at them and saying “Read THAT.” (See our blog roll for examples!)

However, it’s always fun and educational to read about people doing SEO and SMM really, really wrong. To that end, we’ve decided to gather the “worst of the web” together in one place to show you exactly how bad it can be when a company (or individual) self destructs online.

Why “Fail Kitty”?

Look at your cat. Now back at me. Now back at your cat. Now back at me. Sadly, your cat is NOT me. I AM THE ZOE!!!

Well, the best way to ensure you NEVER get accused of infringing on the rights of a photographer is to take all of your pics yourself. Amanda’s cat Zoe is always up for a disapproving glare into the camera phone – and for some unknown reason people LOVE cat pictures.

So there you go.

Introducing the FAIL KITTY.

Where we mercilessly make fun of those who utterly lose their sh*t online. Enjoy!


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